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Best Online Food Ordering Portal for Restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis.

As many people are now in lockdown and are staying at home, it has become all the more essential for a restaurant to offer online ordering to their customer. Hence most businesses are using modern technologies to recreate their business plans to cope up with the shifting change and desires of current needs. Now speaking about businesses, we all know that wherever business goes competition follows. Hence today’s article will be about the best online food ordering portal for restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis.

Restaurants are considered to be one of the most important players in the economy. But just like every coin has two sides, same is with the case of all businesses. So in order to make your way to the top of the game, you will require more than just ordering-in-person or order by phone. Acquiring the right business plan and adapting the right marketing strategy is considered to be the two most crucial parts for success. Hence today we will be sharing best online food ordering portal for restaurants during the COVID-19 to maximize their profits without spending a fortune.

Big Opportunity for all Restaurants!!

Just like any other business performing market analysis and looking for an opportunity, we saw that many restaurants are getting bankrupt due to the decrease in demand. This was an opportunity for us to develop a solution for these restaurants and help them get back on their feet.

Now many of you will have questions like who we are and why we are doing this and would want more detailed insights of our background.

Well, we are an IT company providing services like Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Custom Online Portals to businesses to help them grow during this tough period. With that said, let us now give the solution which all of you are eagerly waiting for.

Keeping that analysis in mind, after several meetings and discussions we have developed an online platform or portal. Which is basically the best online food ordering portal for restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis. Through this they can take orders from users sitting at home or offices or someone who’s on the go and cannot afford to visit a restaurant. With decent bit of promotion, this is the perfect solution for restaurants to increase their sales and see faster turn arounds within a matter of weeks.

Best Online Food Ordering Portal for Restaurants |

Advantages of our Food Ordering Portal & why restaurants should give it a try

  1. Customization: Our online portal can be customized as per need. For e.g., we can add features like Managing coupons and offers on the go, accepting orders through a mobile device.
  2. Online Payment & Security: We offer our clients with large varieties of payments gateways for accepting payments without compromising on security. As customer security and information confidentiality is one of our top priorities, we make sure to use the best secured platforms to make hassle free transactions for their orders.
  3. Coupons & Offers: Among the numerous options, we also offer features like coupons and offers. This is a must have for all restaurants as people looks for coupons and offers and only makes a purchase from the ones who are offering the highest discounts and bang for their buck. Hence this feature can attract a lot of users.
  4. Pricing: As many businesses are offering services which are similar to ours but with half of the features but at twice the price. At AppsbyAG, it is our trademark to provide our clients with the maximum amount of features at affordable price tags. This is done so that small businesses or businesses that are already on the verge of shut down or bankrupt can get a chance to turn around and get back on their game.

Now that we have given all the necessary details and advantages on the best online food ordering portal for restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis, we believe our readers have found this article to be beneficial and finally made up their minds  to give their restaurants a new life. With that said people who are interested to see faster turn around in their business can get a free quotation by clicking on “GET QUOTE”. Also please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to answer them.

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