Beauty and Wellness Trends to Follow in 2020

According to a report of the Global Wellness Research Institute, the wellness industry and global health monitoring entities are expanding at an astonishing rate. It’s almost twice as fast as the worldwide economy. The largest beauty and wellness trends in 2020 have been unveiled. As per the trend search of Google, in this era, we all are looking rapidly towards personal and technological expertise to enhance our mental as well as physical wellbeing.

It’s quite shocking to think that we all are such a generation that is constantly striving to discover new ideas to relax. Nowadays, three out of four of us feel ‘unable to cope’ or ‘overwhelmed’ due to excessive pressure. Fortunately, wellness has been becoming rapidly convenient, as the booming trade is no longer neglected in the worldwide market.

To make you understand the benefits of beauty and wellness trends, we have talked with some of the most recognized wellness experts who are efficient in this field. Here in this field, we are about to discuss the top 5 beauty and wellness trends in 2020. So, you can have a look at the section described below.

Top 5 beauty & wellness trends in 2020

Breathing Apps

There are several mobile applications in our technological market that can give you easy and desired accessibility. It’s through them that we are starting to consider our breath properly (it is one of the most significant actions of the human body that is often neglected).

Researches have shown that exercising the breathing techniques only for 25 minutes can help you boost your energy levels, enhance the cognitive function of your body, and calm your mind. This is one of the most important reasons why it’s so worthy of exercises like yoga.

In the form of mobile apps, you can obtain such a level of engagement with ease, as a practice can fit into your daily habit – whether just before you go to sleep or on your morning commute.

Sound Bath Healing

Sound bath healing is one of the other beauty and wellness trends in 2020. Just like mindfulness and medication, it has become fashionable as people try to manage their anxiety and take more time for reflection through this. Nowadays, this trend has started to enter the mainstream culture of today’s world.

This work involves ‘bathing’ tones that it is composed of crystal implements or pans tuned to precise frequencies. Such frequencies are supposed to trigger some specific areas in the human brain. It can help you to relax or release your tension. That’s why sound bath healing is combined with yoga and meditation. You can even feel sound bath healing during a blow-dry too. It is one of the most essential benefits of beauty and wellness trends.

According to some people, the sound bath is a hidden path if they are trying to find therapy to soothe their minds. But, usually sound bath healing kindle the theta and alpha brainwaves. Theta brain wave mostly occurs when we are in sleep and it is the doorway of our brains to learning and memory, while the Alpha waves are recognized to enhance creativity and defeat depression. In short, the fame of a sound bath healing is only commenced to receive and raise the same growth as the likes of mindfulness and yoga.

Top 5 beauty & wellness trends in 2020

Virtual Wellness

That you don’t have enough time is no longer a good reason to miss out on self-care in this era. ‘Virtual Wellness’ looks all set to become rapidly famous. The erupting intensity of the usage of remote wellness seems to make its mark. They are seemingly getting an upper hand over regular workshops and fitness sessions. Thus, health, wellness and fitness industry would rapidly change.

Virtual wellness reveals the doors for regular wellness within the home. It’s like a factor to get a hit of endorphins 24X7. Nowadays, most of the people want their exercises to adjust with the versatility of their regular routines. The similarities of interactive mirrors can canvas everything from barre, fighting, and yoga to cardio trip camps. But, it can be expensive.

Other options that are already well recognized, including meditation applications or interactive wellbeing journals – look set to become an essential part of our daily lives.

Wellness Retreats

Benefits of beauty & wellness trends

Nowadays, holidays are becoming more regarding taking time away from our daily (stress-causing) routine as well as having a little bit of time for ourselves. That means forgoing cultural trips and even alcohol-soaked programs in favor of attentive retreats.

From meditation of yoga to ayurvedic exercises or silent stays, all of these trips are for mental and physical well being at the heart of the people. It utilizes a power of distinct techniques in order to help you feel and think individually by the end of your stay. These are the other benefits of beauty and wellness trends.

While these retreats are available throughout the globe, most of the people have been participating in the worldwide soul-calming trips for some time, As this theory becomes less hardcore and more mainstream, there is a number of luxurious resorts you can find all over the world.

CBD Skincare

The increase in the sellouts of CBD products is proof of the booming crossover between wellness and beauty enterprises. When it comes to specifically CBD skincare, both the premium as well as high-street brands are employing the element in their droves.

According to some wellness experts, it is actually a non-psycho-active strain of hemp or cannabis. It is sourced in a distinctive way to the drug that doesn’t contain THC. So, it is absolutely legal as well as there is no way of psycho-active.

Beauty and wellness trends in 2020

Nowadays, CBD is also available in edible form and in drops too. It is mainly utilized in skincare products to increase the healing attributes of the product due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. In addition, it is an antioxidant, so, it’s also promoted as a good anti-aging component.

Final Thought

Now, it is time to put an end to this guide. With wellness being more than a buzzword both on the home front and corporate, each of the aforementioned beauty and wellness trends in 2020 represents various perspectives of how people are more focused on their mental and physical health to manage their stress. Hopefully, it will be exciting for you to see how each of the above trends makes out a year and a decade from now.

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