Telemedicine Platforms Providing Gateways for Better Health Management

Day by day, the amazing world of medicine is experiencing a phenomenal change at a supersonic speed. Nowadays, technology plays a major role in the medical domain. As today’s doctors regularly look for advanced ways to provide better treatment to people, technology has bought copious exceptional advances to the medical sector. With the help of technological advancement like telemedicine platforms, you can get access to medical information or services that might be normally unavailable. There are several advantages of telemedicine platforms in 2020 that help people to get medical services with ease.

Advantages of telemedicine platforms in 2020

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the interchange of medical data from one website to another by using electronic transmissions. This is arranged for the purpose of developing the health of a sick person. It has already completed more than 40 years in the medical field and still has been growing rapidly.

Nowadays, it is quite tough to get an appointment with a specialist doctor for primary care. Moreover, the waiting list can be too extensive, and there is no guarantee that you will get a quick appointment. So, telemedicine can help you by bringing your doctor and you together quickly as well as efficiently. Do you want to know who is telemedicine meant for? To know the answer of this question, first, you will need to know the advantages of telemedicine platforms in 2020.

Here in this guide, we are about to discuss the benefits of using telemedicine platforms. In addition, here we also include the difference between telemedicine and telehealth that can help you to resolve all of your confusion. So, you can go through the section described below.

Know the advantages of telemedicine platforms in 2020

Here is a list of the advantages of telemedicine platforms in 2020:

Telemedicine platforms in 2020

Increase Revenue:

The apparent advantage of telemedicine platform is to allow physicians and health care service providers to enhance their range beyond their local areas as far as every edge of the glove where connectivity prevails and privileges. This platform lets them increase their range, particularly for the less dense area. In addition, it also enhances the effectiveness of healthcare service where one specialist can be allotted to where it’s in great demand, it doesn’t matter how far it is.

See More Patients:

The time of a healthcare service provider is valuable (as everyone’s). But, there is always a time when there is ‘downtime’ of 15-60 minutes or scheduling break. The service provider can expand their work time by devising the slots by utilizing telemedicine platforms. It comes with waiting room functionalities that help patients to wait for their doctors. So, the patients become able to take incall whenever they wish.


One of the most prominent advantages of telemedicine platforms is bringing convenience to both healthcare service providers and patients. Accessibility in terms of time spent on transport for both patients or providers, waiting for a long time by sitting outside the waiting room of the doctor, spent time when the patient missed an appointment. Even if the patient is extremely sick and unable to leave their bed, the telemedicine platform is a great option for them.

Cost Saving:

With a full suite of telemedicine platforms, you don’t require a physical dispensary to study medicine. There are various telemedicine platforms that literally allow you to run an implicit clinic from your home office. Additionally, it lets the patient do on-demand or scheduling visits. Moreover, healthcare service providers can manage their patients with ease by using this platform. This platform also stores the visit, medical history, billing record, health records, and so many other essential options.

For a healthcare service provider, utilizing the telemedicine platform implies that they will have a digitalized platform to enhance their workflow that decreases a lot of paperwork. Furthermore, there is no chance of losing medical records. There are several other advantages that can turn to cost-saving in terms of human resources and monetary.

What are the Difference between Telemedicine and Telehealth?

Difference between telemedicine and telehealth

As we mentioned earlier, telemedicine is the usage of the medical system by utilizing advanced technologies to provide care from a distance. A doctor from one location with the help of a telecommunications system can deliver medical service to a patient at a distant place. On the other hand, telehealth refers broadly to advanced telecommunications and electronic services and technologies utilized to offer medical services and care at-a-distance.

There is a very thin line of difference between telemedicine and telehealth. Telehealth refers to a more extensive range of exclusive health care services than telemedicine. And telemedicine refers particularly to distant clinical services, while telehealth can be applied to provide distant non-clinical services.

Who is Telemedicine Meant for?

Who is telemedicine meant for?

Telemedicine is not suitable for emergency situations such as a stroke or heart attack, lacerations or cuts, injured or broken bones that need casts, splints, or X-rays. Anything that needs quick or hand-on care needs to be examined by a person or specialist. However, telemedicine is particularly beneficial for follow-up consultations with a doctor or to treat other simple health problems.

For example, if you assume that a simple cut might be infected, you can program a virtual consultation with a healthcare service to explain your traits. If you are on a holiday and think you are coming down with strep throat, then you can interact with a primary care doctor through the telemedicine platform. Furthermore, if you require a birth control medicine on your vacation, then you can also chat with a specialist for your requirements and can receive a same-day prescription with ease.

Telemedicine is useful for several other health problems like tele dermatology or psychotherapy that gives consultations of rashes, moles, or so many others. Pink eye, diarrhea, sore throats, insect bites, flu, and cold are some other common health problems that can be addressed by using telemedicine platforms.

Final Thought

psychology of telemedicine

Now, it is time to put an end to this guide. In short, telemedicine platforms are a part of the larger effort to expand access to care and make the health management process easier for people. Furthermore, it also enhances the effectiveness of the delivery network of healthcare services. Hopefully, this guide will help you to know the benefits of telemedicine platforms in detail. 

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